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Welcome to Kelleher Orthodontics

According to many of our patients, our practice conveys more of a “boutique energy” than a “business as usual,” intense energy. In our more relaxed approach, we take the time to listen and understand what our patients are experiencing, a step beyond simply “getting it done.” We ask ourselves what it is that we would want, in terms of treatment options, comfort concerns, esthetic preferences, and fees – if we were the patient receiving orthodontic care. In the end, this is how any practice is judged – by how well the patient is heard and how well their problems are addressed. We recognize that our patients all have different preferences and needs, which requires us to respond, accordingly, to those needs.

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Providing Excellent Orthodontic Care

Dr. Kelleher understands that each and every patient has different needs and requirements.

When he established his practice this was one of the main focuses, to ensure that patients receive quality and comprehensive care from a reliable orthodontist. Dr. Kelleher focuses on providing personalized orthodontic treatments to address every oral health care need and to achieve optimal and lasting results.

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