According to many of our patients, our practice conveys more of a “boutique energy” than a “business as usual,” intense energy. In our more relaxed approach, we take the time to listen and understand what our patients are experiencing, a step beyond simply “getting it done.” We ask ourselves what it is that we would want, in terms of treatment options, comfort concerns, esthetic preferences, and fees – if we were the patient receiving orthodontic care. In the end, this is how any practice is judged – by how well the patient is heard and how well their problems are addressed. We recognize that our patients all have different preferences and needs, which requires us to respond, accordingly, to those needs.


Maybe what makes us most unique is that we run on time with our appointments. To run “on time,” in our mind, means that our patient’s time is well-respected. To us, running on time also means that efficiency, experience, confidence and organization is built into our skillset. We rarely keep any of our patients waiting more than 1 to 2 minutes before they are seen – and it is rare that most any appointment requires more than 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish of the appointment.


It is a given that we keep up with technology and education, constantly improving our ability via innovation in both the classroom and with tech. Dr Kelleher is involved in leadership positions of study groups and with research, and considers himself fortunate to have a job that is as artistically gratifying and fun as orthodontics. This appreciation translates into our emphasizing clear communication in the spirit of giving more excellence to the process than what is expected, while making every effort to keep appointments light and fun. We know that parents and patients are seeking value for their investment; that orthodontic treatment is a significant investment – of both time and finances. Our motto: make today better than yesterday – by paying attention and learning new ways to improve.



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