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Early Orthodontic Treatment Options in Folsom, CA

Braces for Kids

For many years the feeling was that you should wait for your child’s adult teeth to come in before making an appointment with the orthodontist. However, some problems manifest early and can be corrected, allowing adult teeth to be better aligned when they grow in.ย 

Boy making a video about his experience getting braces as a kid in Folsom
3 young kids at a park in Folsom, CA showing off their big, beautiful smiles that need braces

Permanent teeth vs baby teeth

For example, a narrow palate can lead to oral health problems like crowded or impacted teeth. It can also lead to speech variances and trouble breathing, making early treatment important.

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Ideal for kids, teens and adults who want to straighten their teeth for a healthy, confident smile!

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Braces for Kids FAQs

Which is the best type of braces for children?

The type of braces your child should have varies according to the type and severity of the problem. For many children, self-ligating braces should suffice. The technology has proven its speed and effectiveness, and its affordability. Ceramic braces pose a bigger challenge for some child’s teeth due to the size of the teeth. Invisalign may be an option depending upon the child’s maturity level. Invisalign’s popularity among teens has been enormous over the years.
Girl back-to-back with her mom smiling with braces on her teeth
3 young friends posing for the camera with two of them wearing braces for kids from Kelleher Orthodontics

Braces for Kids FAQs

Does my child need braces?

Kid’s braces are becoming more common in recent years. This can be partly explained by the increased social acceptance of braces. Unless you have a reason to believe that braces are needed, have a consultation with your dentist. If you do have reason to believe braces are needed, consult with an orthodontist. There are several causes for a child’s teeth to need braces, including overcrowding and underbites, or as mentioned before, a too narrow pallet.

Braces for Kids FAQs

How much do braces cost?

Often factors affect your child’s braces costs and there are many factors that must be taken into consideration. Braces for teens and adult types usually cost between $3,000 and $6,000. For early orthodontic treatment the cost range is usually less, depending upon the issues being addressed. The best advice is to see an orthodontist offering a free consultation and they will develop a treatment plan and associated costs. The goal is to straighten teeth at a price that allows you to afford braces.
young girl going through orthodontic treatment with braces sitting on a skateboard with palm trees behind her in northern California

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