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Braces for Teens in Folsom, CA

Braces for Teens

Hi, this is Dr. Kelleher. Because we get to know many of our patients in a way thatโ€™s a bit like family, we share lifeโ€™s trials and tribulations along the way. Weโ€™ve noticed that life can be a little easier with newfound confidence and a better smile; we see the subtle change of the tides in our patients. There are few things as gratifying as witnessing that shift โ€“ for them to take on a new day!

Four teens playing video games with the lead player wearing braces on her teeth
Two teenagers playing a serious video game at a home in Folsom CA

Braces that will exceed your expectations!

When you are choosing orthodontic treatment, whether with braces, adjustable retainers, mail order smile programs, aligners or any other modality โ€“ these are just tools used to move teeth. Your actual investment is in the expertise that the doctor and team have.

Knowing the limits for moving teeth is a skill that comes only from training and experience. I am proud to say that my team and I have treated thousands of patients with braces and aligners. We know that great results are not an accident. โ€œOut of the boxโ€ success is not a given, simply because marketing narratives say it is so.

We are experts at ensuring that you receive a healthy, enduring and gorgeous result. We will make sure that your treatment plan respects your anatomic boundaries, fits your lifestyle, your budget and your schedule. Thanks so much for reading this and I look forward to welcoming you into our family.

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Ideal for kids, teens and adults who want to straighten their teeth for a healthy, confident smile!

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Braces for Teens FAQS

More than traditional metal braces

There are many advantages to the new technologies used to correct alignment and straighten teeth. Some of these non-traditional braces used to move teen’s teeth are:

Lingual Braces for Teens
These are braces worn on the back of the teeth and are virtually invisible when being worn.

Ceramic Braces or Clear Braces
These are made from a ceramic material that is either clear or colored to match your tooth color. Again, these are much less visible when worn.

Invisalign Teen
This is a completely different type of orthodontic treatment than wires and brackets. This is the Invisalign treatment option with which you are most familiar. These clear aligners can be taken out when eating or going out for an evening. They are most convenient, but do require a minimum number of hours worn per day.

Teen girl at the library studying with headphones on and showing off her gorgeous smile after getting braces from Kelleher Orthodontics

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