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Metal braces in Folsom and Davis, California

While clear aligners are certainly the fastest-growing segment in orthodontics, traditional braces for teenagers and adults are still a fantastic way to fix crooked teeth and achieve the gorgeous smile of your dreams. Metal braces are made of very durable stainless steel that also utilizes certain types of elastics. It is also important to know that traditional braces are hypoallergenic, which appeals to a number of patients.

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Ideal for kids, teens and adults who want to straighten their teeth for a healthy, confident smile!

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Are there benefits to traditional metal braces?

The metal braces that were once utilized for orthodontic treatment are still around, although they are largely supplanted by other orthodontic procedures. While metal braces provide certain advantages, they also have some drawbacks – mostly cosmetic. The preference is usually for clear braces or self-ligating braces.

Traditional braces are also durable and can withstand the pressure of moving the teeth into their correct positions. While traditional braces are not the most comfortable or convenient option, they can be an effective way to straighten teeth and improve oral health.

Metal braces cost

Because metal brackets can be a low-cost option and can correct a wide range of orthodontic problems, metal braces have some merits. Naturally, traditional braces can be adjusted to adjust the amount of force applied to the teeth, allowing for pinpoint control of the treatment.

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