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Editorial Policy for Kelleher Orthodontics

At Kelleher Orthodontics, we understand that knowledge is key to building both beautiful smiles and enduring health. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you informative content through our blog. Each post is crafted with care to ensure you have the information you need to make the best decisions possible about your orthodontic care. We’re here to support your journey toward a healthy, confident smile!

Commitment to Trustworthy Orthodontic Information

At Kelleher Orthodontics, serving Folsom and Davis, CA, we are dedicated to providing our patients and the broader public with orthodontic information that is not only educational but also thoroughly reliable. Under the guidance of Dr. Kelleher, a Board-Certified Orthodontist, our content reflects the highest standards of orthodontic care and knowledge.

Content Creation and Expertise

Dr. Kelleher is not just at the forefront of our practice; he is also deeply involved in writing the insightful content you find on our website. With a passion for tailoring treatment to individual patient biology and preferences, Dr. Kelleher brings his extensive expertise directly to our readers. Each blog post initiated by Dr. Kelleher is enhanced for SEO by BrilliantDoc, ensuring that the valuable advice shared reaches as many patients as possible.

Author Credentials: Expertise you can trust

Dr. Kelleher, our lead orthodontist, is a recognized authority in the field. His board certification, role at UC Davis Medical Center, contributions to orthodontic research, and leadership in developing innovative orthodontic devices all underline his commitment to advancing orthodontic science and patient care.

Review and Verification Process

When BrilliantDoc contributes original content, Dr. Kelleher personally reviews each article to ensure its accuracy and relevance. His meticulous verification process guarantees that all information aligns with the latest orthodontic practices and reflects his deep clinical insights.

Humanizing the Science:

Dr. Kelleher is not just at the forefront of our practice; he is also deeply involved in writing the insightful content you find on our website. We believe in clear, engaging communication. Our editorial approach aims to break down complex orthodontic concepts into easy-to-understand language, fostering open communication between patients and our practice.

Engagement and Feedback

While our blog does not allow comments to protect patient privacy and maintain HIPAA compliance, we encourage feedback and questions through the direct contact methods available on our website. Dr. Kelleher values patient interaction and is committed to addressing your concerns and inquiries.

Editorial Independence

Our content is created with editorial independence and is free from external influence. Dr. Kelleher’s primary goal is to provide educational content that is beneficial and informative, aimed at improving your orthodontic health and knowledge.

Continuous Updates

In the field of orthodontics, staying current is crucial. We regularly update our content to reflect new research findings, technological advancements, and Dr. Kelleher’s ongoing clinical experiences.

Contact Us

For more information about our editorial practices or any content on our website, please reach out to us at Kelleher Orthodontics in Folsom and Davis, CA. We are eager to assist you with any questions you have regarding our editorial policy or orthodontic treatments.

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