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TMJ Disorders

TMJ problems can be one of the most painful jaw-related issues to experience. Suffering from TMJ pain can not only cause pain in your jaw, but can also cause ear aches, neck aches, difficulty with chewing, facial pain, numbness and headaches. Interestingly, there is often a link between increased headaches and a dysfunctional bite. A dysfunctional bite can cause you to compensate with destructive clenching habits. This will not only put you at a higher likelihood to suffer from chronic headaches, but it can also seriously damage the integrity of your teeth, with continued damage to the jaw joints!

model of upper jaw and lower jaw in an ideal position for the jaw joints
woman with both hands holding each side of her face due to jaw pain from TMJ disorder

Well, that’s where we can help

Here at Kelleher Orthodontics, we will listen to each of your symptoms and concerns, document your history in detail, and carefully curate a personalized treatment to treat your symptoms. We can also help you identify triggers that can aggravate nighttime wear-and-tear on your jaw. We have resolved many “hopeless” TMJ conditions – it’s about paying attention to the tiniest bite imbalances and addressing each one.

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TMJ Treatment FAQs

What are TMJ disorders?

TMJ disorders, also known as temporomandibular joint disorders, are a group of conditions that affect the TMJ joint (temporomandibular joint) and the surrounding muscles and tissues. The TMJ connects the lower jaw, or mandible, to the skull, and it allows for chewing and talking.

A TMJ disorder may cause a variety of symptoms, including pain and discomfort in the jaw and face, difficulty moving the jaw, and a clicking or popping sound when moving the jaw. Jaw injury, grinding or clenching of the teeth, and stress may all contribute to TMJ disorders. Pain reduction and inflammation reduction, as well as physical therapy to enhance jaw movement, are among the treatment options for TMJ disorders. Surgery may be performed to repair the jaw joint if needed.

Folsom woman wincing with TMJ pain holding her cheek
Woman looking very happy she had orthodontic treatment for TMJ pain relief

TMJ Treatment FAQs

How Can Orthodontics Help?

Teeth grinding, teeth clenching, or even missing teeth or tooth gaps, are all a potential cause of TMJ disorders. As an orthodontist fixes bite and other issues between the upper and lower teeth, many of these issues can be cleared up. However, it’s important to see an orthodontist that is familiar with treating TMJ disorders.

TMJ Treatment FAQs

A track-record of TMJ disorder relief

At Kelleher Orthodontics has many years of treating TMJ disorder and has successfully provided neck and facial pain relief in situations that seemed hopeless. It’s not enough to just eat soft foods and apply cold compresses to jaw muscles. You need to eliminate the underlying causes of the TMJ disorder!
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