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Each patient at Kelleher Orthodontics receives the best in orthodontic care. We develop a custom treatment approach to suit your individual needs.

orthodontic patient at Kelleher Orthodontics in Folsom getting a 3D xray

3D Imaging

Teen girl getting a piggy back ride from her friend smiling at the camera while wearing Invisalign Teen

Invisalign for Teens

Adult woman at a restaurant in Folsom about to put an Invisalign, clear aligner into her mouth.

Invisalign for Adults

Boy with traditional metal braces riding a skateboard on his stomach

Traditional Metal Braces

Man with clear, ceramic braces giving a teammate a high five after a long hike through the foothills around Folsom

Ceramic Braces

Group of six kids happily smiling outside their school

Braces for Kids

Teen girl and her friend performing for the camera showing off their gorgeous smiles after wearing ceramic braces

Braces for Teens

A woman at her desk in front of her computer wearing braces

Braces for Adults

a woman getting evaluated by the orthodontist for TMJ treatment in Folsom, CA

TMJ Treatment

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