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Invisalign for adults in Folsom & Davis, California

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Hi, this is Dr. Kelleher. If you are an adult who had braces as a teen, we can usually fine-tune your smile with aligners – at a fraction of the time and expense compared to your never having had treatment. This is because, most likely, you already had your bite corrected as a teen, with only a moderate relapse of your front teeth!

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You are never too old to achieve the gorgeous smile you deserve

I am passionate about changing smiles and lives. Your primary concerns are really important to us and the cornerstone of great results. We see many adults and the results are fabulous! I love seeing the newfound confidence that emerges during your care. There are few things as gratifying for me as to help impact your smile, confidence, and life!

As with younger patients, aligners involve less appointment time. We can monitor your progress, virtually by phone images for many of your appointments. This frees up your schedule in not having to always come into the office. Treatment times tend to be faster and more predictable with aligners because the automation of consistent plastic force is gentler and more efficient than braces often allow. By finishing your treatment with higher tech and less time in our office, it financially prioritizes your schedule – not ours.

We’re recognized as a top Invisalign for Adults provider in Folsom, California. We will make sure that your treatment fits your lifestyle, and budget and respects your time. Thanks so much for reading this and I look forward to welcoming you into our Invisalign family.

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Couple out on the town at night dressed up for a date wearing big smiles after Invisalign treatment

Conditions corrected with Invisalign treatment

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Some bite issues

Orthodontic treatment by wearing Invisalign aligners can fix many adults’ cosmetic issues, but not all. With a goal of straight teeth and a beautiful smile, sometimes clear aligners are not enough. In those situations, conventional braces may be required.

Invisalign Adult FAQs

I’m older – Can I still get Invisalign?

Invisalign does not have a maximum age. Many of the patients who seek Invisailign’s cosmetic and dental advantages are people ages 60 and older. We love seeing our elderly patients have great smiles. Straight teeth are beneficial for all ages. Invisalign is a treatment that straightens and fills gaps in the mouth. Straight teeth are easy to clean and maintain.
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