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Invisalign is recognized all over the world for its revolutionary way of helping people achieve their dream smiles. Minimally invasive, the treatment makes it easy for patients to correct their dental issues without inconvenience or discomfort. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, it can help you deal with your overbite, get straighter teeth, and improve the way you look.

Kelleher Orthodontics understands the benefits offered by this patented system, and we are committed to ensuring that you will experience them to the fullest extent. As an Invisalign provider in Davis and Folsom, CA, Dr. Robert Kelleher, DDS is dedicated to delivering high-quality services that can greatly enhance smiles and improve overall oral health.

The clear alternative to braces.

Invisalign offers a way to align your teeth with an invisible system that is more comfortable and more aesthetic than braces. In very mild crowding cases, Invisalign can be very beneficial. In moderately complicated cases, it might be used for the majority of treatment time, with braces possibly needed for a few months for “fine tuning.”

Guided by proper training and education, our practice maps out a comprehensive course that:

Methodically addresses your concerns. Invisalign follows a step-by-step system geared at identifying issues and providing treatment that targets them at their root. We listen to your oral health requirements, and accordingly prepare a 3D model of our treatment plan as well as custom design your aligners.

It also allows you to chart changes. Invisalign makes use of transparent aligners that are changed approximately every two weeks. This gives patients the opportunity to monitor their progress, and subsequently raise questions or concerns with us – should there be a need for them. With us, you get real, measurable results and the best possible outcome for straightening your teeth.

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Striving to be your one-stop orthodontic practice, we offer services for the entire family. You are assured of having all your oral health needs addressed, as well as finding a trustworthy guiding hand toward protecting your dental health.

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