Want an Alternative to Braces? Just Ask Your Orthodontist about Invisalign

A growing number of people are seeing orthodontists in search of a perfect smile. Today, they’re finding more options awaiting them than the one-size-fits-all metal braces approach that ruled the industry for decades. The most popular of these new techniques is Invisalign, or invisible braces, as they are called by some.

The Invisalign procedure relies on the patient wearing a plastic tray to gradually correct tooth alignment. The clear plastic is nearly invisible and the treatment time is much shorter than conventional appliances, an appealing option for people eligible to receive its benefits.

There are many myths surrounding Invisalign. Some carry a grain of truth but others are simply incorrect. As the public becomes more aware of the truth, Invisalign should become even more popular than it already is.

This Invisalign Plate is Basically Invisible to the Casual Observer.

Invisalign Does Not Make You Talk Funny

Many believe that wearing a tray will make you talk funny. It will. Maybe. But, only for the first few days. As soon as your tongue gets used to having a piece of plastic in your mouth, your lisp will go away, if you suffer one at all from its effects.

You Will Be Able to Eat While Undergoing Treatment

Eating is not impossible for Invisalign patients. If it were, there would surely be fewer people pursuing this orthodontic treatment. This myth likely stems from the fact that to experience the greatest benefits of the device, it should be worn more than 20 hours each day. Some orthodontists prescribe 22 hours. Yes, that is a lot of time, but it still leaves 2 hours for meals. With some attention to scheduling, finding ample time to eat should not be an issue.

Some Discomfort Is Normal, Pain Is Not

Invisalign is sometimes reported to be painful. You receive a new tray every two weeks. The first hours of wear require your teeth and gums to acclimate to the slight changes in alignment. Gradually, the discomfort subsides. Although uncomfortable for some, it is far more pleasant than the average experience with traditional braces.

Increased Oral Hygiene Is Actually a Good Thing

You may have read about the need to brush your teeth more from Invisalign patients. It’s true, the device may require better oral hygiene for some wearers. It is necessary to brush your teeth after every meal. However, this is strongly recommended by dentists already and followed by those who care about their teeth. So, maybe this is a good thing.

The system is not without its inconveniences; it is an orthodontic procedure, after all. But, it is far less invasive than the alternatives and achieves the same objective. The common complaints about the process seem trivial when compared to the more acute annoyances of braces.

Invisalign does what it promises. It straightens your teeth without being noticeable while undergoing treatment. When scrutinized closely, the myths about its flaws are really just small obstacles to overcome in order to gain the perfect smile. A small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

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