Why Have Orthodontic Treatment?

By |March 28th, 2018|0 Comments

Sometimes we are surprised to hear that kids just want to get braces. Whether it is because they want to look better or be like their friends, it is important for us to understand what our specific goal is with any treatment we propose to do. In other words, our treatment needs to address, what is called, the patient’s “Chief Complaint”. Occasionally, patients come to our office without a Chief Complaint or parents just want to be sure things are developing OK with their children. In these cases, if we find that there is no underlying functional reason or urgency to begin orthodontic care and our patient is otherwise happy with their smile (even though teeth are not perfectly aligned) we will usually suggest not undergoing treatment until a Chief Complaint does arise, because there would be no other reason to do so. If we do note a functional problem that needs addressing, we will let you know of any recommendations. Sometimes, no treatment is the best treatment when there is no Chief Complaint.