What Are Braces?

By |March 28th, 2018|0 Comments

Braces are a series of attachments placed onto teeth that allow precise positional changes with your teeth. They offer 3 dimensional controls of teeth positions, in ways that removable appliances cannot. Removable appliances (Invisalign) are limited in their precision with orthodontic correction, as compared to braces. Their usefulness really depends on how complex the alignment challenges are. There are ceramic braces (tooth colored) that are barely noticeable, metal braces with multi-colored elastic ligature ties and metal brackets without elastic ties (self-ligating brackets like Damon, Time, GAC). There are even brackets that can be placed on the backside of teeth (lingual braces) so that they are not seen at all). Each kind of appliance has advantages and disadvantages and we will be happy to review them all with you.