How Do Braces Work

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Individual brackets are positioned onto teeth in a way that is generally centered on the fronts (or opposite aspect) of teeth. If teeth are crooked, the brackets will appear crooked also. The wire that is placed into the brackets, however, is a flat, smooth curve before it is engaged into all the brackets. Once the wire is placed into the “crooked” brackets, the wire becomes deformed or bent. However, within the next several months the memory of the wire wants to return the wire to the original flat, smooth, curved shape. The cells within the jawbone act to “soften” the surrounding bone of each tooth and, before you know it, the teeth begin to migrate in such a way that the wire becomes relaxed as it was before the wire was placed into the “crooked” brackets and the teeth become straighter. It takes time to do this in a comfortable, physiologic way, but is very effective. There is not much more magic to the process, other than making critical diagnostic decisions to also correct the bite. It is the correction of the bite that requires the majority of the orthodontist’s advanced training. Without correction of the bite to a physiologic, specific standard, the effort put into aligning teeth will soon relapse and can also allow unnecessary stresses on the TMJ (Temperomandibular Joint).