Working Towards that Perfect Smile: Consider the Benefits of Invisalign

There are numerous procedures people can get for straight teeth. Currently, one of the biggest debates is the comparison of metal braces vs Invisalign. Which one is more effective, and which one is easier to manage? By talking to your orthodontist, you can learn more about your teeth straightening alternatives, and learn how these can greatly benefit you and your smile.

Better Satisfaction

A 2015 survey conducted by a team from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany found that patients who were treated with Invisalign had better satisfaction ratings compared to those with fixed oral appliances or metal braces.

Caring for Your Teeth and Maintaining Their Best Form with Invisalign

The researchers also reported that Invisalign users fared better in the overall teeth and gum health category. In terms of discomfort, only 6% of Invisalign wearers were inconvenienced, while over 36% of those with metal braces had problems. To be more specific: A total of 56% of those with metal braces claimed their gums were irritated by the attachments, an issue that only 14% of Invisalign users complained about.

Things to Remember before You Eat

Only about half of the patients with Invisalign said that they had to alter their eating habits due to the appliance, compared to 70% of patients with braces. Other sources explain that having Invisalign has actually motivated them to be smarter about their dietary choices, as they had to lessen the intake of foods that are high in sugar, as well as avoid excessive coffee, cola, or wine. Hot drinks should also be avoided, as these can damage the aligners and cause them to lose shape.

Improving Overall Oral Health

Not only in terms of improving diet habits, Invisalign has also been acclaimed for protecting oral health. Other studies that compared Invisalign treatments with traditional metal braces has found that Invisalign users are less likely to have plaque buildup. Invisalign also poses less irritation, less gum inflammation, and reduced pain for the wearer.

Success with Invisalign is Your Responsibility

It is understood that in any type of dental or orthodontic treatment, a bulk of the responsibility rests on you, the patient. If you ask your orthodontist in Folsom, Invisalign involves proper care and maintenance to ensure the best results.

Take extra care to clean your clear aligners every day. Use the recommended type of cleansing solution to avoid damaging the material. Also, you must wear your Invisalign for the prescribed number of hours per day, and see to it that you visit your orthodontist for your regular check-ups and adjustments. Do all that and it is just a matter of time before you get that perfect smile. 

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