Orthodontics Testimonials

“What sets you apart from the rest is the fact that Dr. K is very relaxed and personable and always makes the patients feel relaxed—and the parents as well. It is nice that the parents can come sit in the back if they want to and everyone is very kind and easy to talk to in your office. Also, we almost never have to wait for more than a couple of minutes, which is a huge plus for busy parents, and those who bring little ones along (the ISpy books come in handy for that!). Dr. K is also very honest and never claims that work needs to be done if it really can wait—we appreciate this a lot! Also, Jeanette is amazing at scheduling appt’s and always finds a way to get us an appt. time that works. My son, Aaron is a true testimonial to Dr. K’s great work—his smile is so handsome and his teeth look amazing! Thanks for the great ortho. experience  I will be happy to keep on giving you referrals!”

—Caroline T.

“I chose to bring my children to Dr. Kelleher’s office over other orthodontists in town for a variety of reasons. Dr. Kelleher is not only well educated and experienced in orthodontists, but he is a really nice, friendly man. He jokes and relates well with my children and they like him a lot. The orthodontic assistants in his office are amazing! They are quick and efficient, but at the same time, very friendly and social while they are working on my children. We are always seen on time – appointments are never backed up. I have worked with other orthodontists, and would recommend Dr. Kelleher’s office over any other!”

—Karen H.

“Thanks again for all your help with Sam’s teeth. He had a great time at Junior prom (he was so handsome!). Everyone on your team did such a nice job. We really appreciate it.”

—Tina F.