Damon Braces

Damon braces are a relatively new kind of orthodontic system that uses a self-ligating system. Self-litigating means that instead of attaching the arch wire to the brackets with elastic ligatures, as done with traditional metal braces, the brackets themselves have a built-in “sliding door” that holds the wire.

The usual way of tying the archwires in with elastic ties causes friction, which makes it more difficult for your teeth to move into place. The self-litigating Damon System allows the archwires to slide freely back and forth. Also, with the Damon System, high-tech, light-force wires are used to move the teeth into the correct position. With less pressure on the teeth, the treatment is more comfortable.

Other Advantages of The Damon System

    There are other advantages to a self-ligating system over standard braces:
  • Aesthetics – The metal brackets of the Damon System are less noticeable than the brackets of traditional metal braces. There are also clear versions for those who want even a less noticeable orthodontic appliance.
  • Treatment time – Because no friction is involved, the teeth can move more easily into place. This means your treatment time can be dramatically reduced resulting in fewer adjustments, which means fewer visits to our office to achieve the same treatment goals as traditional braces.
  • Better Oral Health – The elastics bands of conventional braces accumulate bacteria and plaque and can become discolored from foods and beverages. With no ligatures, the Damon System results in a healthier mouth.
    Damon Braces are just one of the orthodontic treatments that Kelleher Ortho offers. We also provide Invisalign as an alternative. After a consultation with our dentist Dr. Robert Kelleher, he can determine whether Damon braces are the best option for you.
  • Dr. Kelleher offers a free consultation to see what you or your child’s options are for orthodontic treatments. Contact us now and be on the way to having a straight and beautiful smile!