Quality Orthodontic Treatments: Letting Your Smile Shine Through

Committed to helping you get the smile that will light up your face and your life, Kelleher Orthodontics delivers high-quality results for all your orthodontic needs. Our practice has been providing a wide range of dental treatments and services for the entire family since 2001, and we hope to continue building on this tradition by taking care of your needs.

Your Trusted Orthodontic Team

We know that high standards can only be upheld by people who believe in them; this is why we pride ourselves in employing a team that operates according to most stringent ethical considerations. From our chief orthodontist, Dr. Robert Kelleher, DDS, to our dental staff, we combine a friendly approach with top-quality solutions to give each of our patients a completely satisfying experience. You are assured of a team that adheres to professionalism and excellence in the dental industry.

We also make sure that each of our patients is given the most ideal course of treatment for his or her specific dental issue. Our team examines your oral health, listens to your needs, and accordingly maps out a treatment plan that addresses your requirements, and sets your mind at ease. In addition, we educate you about your options, so that you can choose the best
treatment for your specific situation.

To help you get a more accurate picture of what our practice can do to guide you toward achieving the real smile that you have always dreamed of, check these Before and After photos of our patients.

Before and After Photos

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