In Folsom, a Growing Number of Adults Are Seeking an Orthodontist to Straighten Their Teeth

The demand for teeth straightening appliances is no longer reserved for only adolescents. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the number of adults receiving orthodontia has increased by 40%.

Orthodontists in Folsom treat patients age 25 to 35, while some are even 65 and older. With higher disposable income, adults are increasingly seeking an orthodontist, especially as more treatment options become available.

A Folsom Orthodontist Uses Invisalign to Straighten Overcrowded Teeth

Why are more adults seeking orthodontic services?

When adults choose to have their teeth straightened it is not always for vanity’s sake, but also because they finally have the income and the fact that orthodontic treatments are now more affordable. Those who are 65 and older indicate that they have always wanted to have their teeth straightened, but did not have sufficient resources until now.

In the 1950s, the cost of orthodontia was nearly as much as buying a new car. Since then, car prices have risen, while orthodontic services have recently become financially feasible for many. Aside from affordability, more and more adults want to straighten their teeth because of recurring teeth-alignment problems. Some of these adults wore braces as adolescents, but find that their alignments are backsliding as the years progress.

New Options Apart from Braces

Many adults do not want braces because of their visibility, the pain, and their inherent limits on food choices. To resolve these concerns, the orthodontic community has introduced new devices and treatments, including Invisalign. This popular alternative to braces is virtually invisible and detachable. Further, it can be applied to various kinds of bite problems.

Lingual braces provide yet another alternative, a transparent bracket or brace that is put behind the teeth. A majority of adults prefer detachable and clear aligners because they are less visible, more affordable, and require fewer orthodontic checkups than transparent braces.

In Folsom, an adult patient looking for an orthodontist tends to do so because of unresolved teeth problems from the past, though new alignment concerns sometimes arise. Others might choose orthodontic treatment for aesthetic purposes. Whatever the reason, adult demand for orthodontia is rising and will continue to do so, as long as incomes are high enough to pay for the costs.


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