What Makes Us Unique

Dr. Kelleher has created a practice in which quality always comes first.

What we most often hear about us, as mentioned by our patients, is that our staff is very friendly and that there is a feeling of relaxation in our office. Parents comment that, unlike other experiences in more fast-paced offices, we have an atmosphere and way of treatment that conveys calm and room for conversation and handling questions. What may make us the most unique is the firm belief by all our staff that achieving quality results is made more possible by being on time with our appointments (generally less than 2-3 minutes wait times), emphasizing clear communication, keeping patients comfortable and having fun with our day.

Our approach to orthodontic care is based on the premise that keeping as many teeth as possible is always a preference in conservative treatment planning. In addition, constant attention to preserving the health of the jaw joint is central to our treatment process. To ensure optimum jaw health, maximize esthetics and finishing treatment on-time requires a careful and consistent “hands-on” approach that Dr Kelleher provides during every adjustment appointment.

Each of our staff treats our patients as they would like to be treated. We believe our patients’ chief concern is of paramount importance as a starting point and ending point in determining which treatment option(s) will lead to the greatest success.

In our office, we employ the most modern orthodontic technologies, such as computerized x-rays, self-ligating brackets and state of the art materials (many of which derive from NASA discoveries). The added gain from these efficiencies reflects in faster treatment times, more consistent results, and overall care that is more and more affordable.